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I was just offered a 4 day/3 night stay at a Wingate anywhere in the U.S. for $150~

I'm not sure how they got my phone number, but I've stayed at the Wingate in Destin, FL 3-4 times a year now for the last 3 years.

I like the hotel, and have paid anywhere from $99 a night to $200 a night for a suite.

This offer is for 3 nights in a suite for $150 total. No black out dates. Any Wingate in the U.S.

Has anyone taken them up on this offer?

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I just purchased a 4 day 3 now gut and the next day my credit card was hacked for 3 diff rent small transactions I didn't make. I had to cancel my card. Also I haven't heard anything about the purchase I mad for on TMC Vacations.


scam scam scam


So my fiance was solicited in the same manner and fell for it. :roll

We just did the vaca part this past weekend.

DO NOT DO IT!!! Wyndham & GMC did not stand behind anything promised, even after we attended the 120 min junk! They will put you up in a 2 star hotel NOT A RESORT AS PROMISED! The included amenities & perks of the property are NOT INCLUDED AS PROMISED!

Sorry for the yelling, I am still just a little disturbed that a big company can do this. At last minute they said if I wanted those items, that frankly are promised on GMCvacations.com front page, I should have said so sooner and paid the up-charge. I believed we would stay at the resort because they sold it as we would be. DON'T FALL FOR IT.

Ugh, what a nightmare. Not worth the travel. Go through another timeshare property.

Wyndham promises the world then doesn't deliver. :x

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #780151

It's a time share sales gimmick. They will charge you and then when you call the 800 number, sorry not available on the date you want. There are a scam.


Do you stay at the actual resort or just a Wingate hotel nearby?


We bought one around Christmas last year, finially took it in October this year. We went to the Wisconsin Dells and had a great time.

the presentation was ok, and we bought. We have had no problems yet :grin


I just got off the phone. I did not take the offer.

They tried to mine a bunch of information from me (eg. what's your occupation, which age range are you in, do you have kids, etc...). I did not give them much. If you have had issues with them please tell the better business bureau so others know.

They have an A- rating which is much better than I expected. Could be a good deal, but if I have to make a decision right now then I will always pass.


Bought the package because they are such furious sales people and wont take no for the answer but eventually decided to get the refund which was 100% guaranteed and still have not received it and I canceled over a month ago when I call the give me the run around and tell me the are just a 3rd party and do not handle the refunds but will not give the number to the people who do handle refunds

to Catherine #771715

SITREP is as follows on these clowns:

About GMC Vacations

in 2009, Wyndham Vacation Resorts partenered with Gold Mountain Communications, LLC to market their promotional travel offers to past guests of the Wyndham family of hotels. This led to the creation of GMC Vacations, a subsiderary of Gold Mountian Communications, LLC. Gold Mountain Communications, LLC is a U.S. based, live operator, inbound and outbound call center, and service agency. This allows leading national corporations to outsource their customer service and sales calls.

Learn more about the company at: Gold Mountain Communications<--- red flag,

My wife thought is was a great idea to surprise me with a vacation in FLorida. Until she told me who it was by. i Immediality told her to cancel it because she said that the rep told her there is a third party involved. RED FLAG!!! Im ex military war vet and when i see bs it shows up quick. Well wife canceled in nov 2013 here is Jan 10 214 and no refund but the rep told her "7-10 business days" IE working days. Now she canceled before the 15 calendar days had expired which was 3 days after she had received the initial call. Now they told her the 19th the money should be back in the account. Me im not wating on the 19th im going to the headquarters to receive the money that was scammed out of my wife. will keep you updated.


My experience was very positive for the most part. I got the 4 day/3 night package for $129, plus $75 gift card, AND a 2nd 4 day/3 night package for $78, plus $75 gift card.

Total with credit from cards for TWO 4 day/3 night vacations will be $56 out of pocket. That's a no brainer. We used our first one last year and yes, the sales pitch was a drag. We stood firm, enjoyed some free drinks and snacks and our stay at the beautiful Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando.

The room was nice and we enjoyed paying only $53 for it. Timeshares for us are fine as long as you both go in on the same page. The answer is no and will always be no.

And fyi, I got a detailed email confirmation after we paid for it. Good luck to anyone who chooses to do it.

to Bree West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #780152



I just got a call with the offer. They got as far as $129 for the package, a $100 voucher, and possibly more hinted at by the supervisor, but we didn't get that far.

I called my husband on my cell while the supervisor held on my land line. He agreed to try it if they would email me the guarantee. No written guarantee==no purchase. I was sent to a website that was "forbidden"--whoops, they were updating.

I was given a number to verify--I'm not sure what I was verifying other than I was calling them on another line. I still was refused the email, being told they can not send me an email until I committed.

Unlike a previous writer, they would NOT allow me a call back after I researched, nor would they call me back tomorrow. In the end I declined, telling them they can try again in the future.


I wish I had never done the "Spend a night on us" program for Wyndham by GMC vactions.com! When we signed-up, were told we could use our $100 voucher to stay at any Wyndham owned hotel such as Baymont, etc.

Later on the phone we are told that it is only for the actual Wyndham hotels, which really restricts our ability to use it. Tried to talk to customer service, but got the run-around and even disconnected us a couple of times. We were being more than polite. I guess they don't care about repeat customers.

While I was originally disappointed with the misrepresentation, I am very, very disappointed about customer service just trying to get rid of us. Wow!!!


wife & i took deal 3/5/12 hotel ok sales pressure unbearable. tried to cancel well w/i time allowed but have been stonewalled ever since.

many $$ in legal fees and counting.

DON'T DO IT! :upset :upset


my husband and i got a call on our land line from GMC vacations advertising a 4days/3night vacation for $150. after much talk back and forth, they reduced it to $90.

the catch was tht u have to do the above mentioned days, u cannot cancel it, there are only about 12 places in the whole USA u can go to (5 of it in florida)..

they dont take NO for an answer. so if they keep on forcing u, then u keep asking for better deals, until they stick to a deal a few times...

trust me they will lower their rates for sure!!! they might even give u prepaid gift cards like VISA/american express..


i did the daytona beach trip..., with my 3 star hotel room afterward being okay, at the

holiday inn select (pool not heated in winter).


Just got an offer and did it 4 days 3 nights in Orlando. Offer started at $169 but I got it for $99. Looking forward to it will se if it works.


I just talked to these guys on the phone. I told them that I don't do business over the phone and would like something in the mail.

They told me that it's a "live" offer and that I will have to accept it presently...I explained that my wife wasn't home and that we would need to discuss this before we bought their package. The guy said he understood and needed to transfer me to his supervisor...upon the call transfer, she immediately wanted my credit card information. What?

I said no thanks, that the high-pressure tactics (buy now or forget it) are a huge red flag in any business deal, let alone one done over the phone by strangers who called me. If this is legit, then their approach made me uncomfortable and needs work.


I just got a call from these guys, and I have to give them some credit. They were not unexpectedly forceful in their efforts to close the deal right up front tonight, but I informed them that I *never, ever* pay money to someone who calls ME, or for something I haven't researched yet.

The "supervisor" was very understanding, and gave me their call-back number. It is exceptionally rare to deal with a call center that allows incoming calls after the fact, and even rarer that their "special offer" doesn't expire as soon as I hang up. Notice to telemarketers: THAT'S HOW YOU WIN OUR TRUST.

After doing some research, I have decided that it is worth checking out further, and figuring out if there is availability for a couple of dates. Sure, I'll have to sit through a sales presentation, but resisting the urge to spend money I don't have won't be too hard to do.


YES. We used them to go to Florida AND got free tickets to Disneyworld, all for 199.

It was a steal. The catch is the 1 hour plus sales pitch for a timeshare. No problemo!

So now I've bought this one too, only if you keep them on the line, they eventually lower it to 129 AND a $75 American Express card AND $100 of your next stay at a Super 8. Our Florida was plush

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