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Just in Dec, I was charged unauthorized charges twice by them Wingate by Wyndham after booking a hotel stay with 2 different online booking services (for a TRYP & Wyndham hotel in 2 different states). I have never stayed at a Wingate by Wyndham hotel before where work or someone else was not paying. In Dec I booked the TRYP in Time Squares online through one online booking service and a few days later on 12/6, I cancelled it with notification to the online service. I got a receipt immediately that my reservation was cancelled for free (as per our purchase agreement).

On my credit card statement I was charged $198.58 on 12/5 by Wingate by Wyndham & never refunded that amount. When checking with the online agency, they stated it was a free cancellation & they did not show that Wingate by Wyndham had charged anything, even now(very unusual!). They called the TRYP Hotel directly and I am told the TRYP Hotel is "refunding my money soon".

I would have let this oddity go, assuming just an accidental oversight-----but, we booked the Wyndham Lancaster on 12/24 for that night only through a different online booking service, paying the full price using my same credit card as the TRYP reservation at the time of booking to this other online booking service. We stayed at the hotel the night of the 24th and they needed the credit card for "incidentals only". We checked out 12/25 with no balance and nothing added to our credit card. On 12/26 Wingate by Wyndham charged my credit card an extra $80.52 for the Lancaster hotel. When I called this booking service to check on this, they called the Lancaster hotel & told me that the hotel in Lancaster told them they could not see anything about any charges, thus the online booking service has turned this over to their refund department right now.

Right after the time of the first event above, the same credit card was forged to a new card and fraudently used inside a Dollar store in Florida & attempted to be used at other places, but denied. I obtained the corporate number to call Wingate and discuss these incidents with them from the online services. The Wingate by Wyndham customer service rep I spoke with did not want to get me anyone to talk to of authority. I had to leave a message with this customer service rep that I wanted to report possible fraud in their company or hacking into information and needed to settle the matter soon, so they needed to call me back within 1/2 hour. The response I got was "there is nothing I can do if they are on the phone." I asked the girl to repeat to me what I said the issue was to report and have someone call me and she repeated the same.

It is now more than a half day later and still no call!!!!!!! There is no way the above two charges are coincidental, so I am fearing that someone at the corporate or accounting offices must be scamming people or there has been a breech in their security. I would bet I am not the only one this happened to!! I watch my bills very carefully, but I missed the charges the first two times I looked at them since I knew I had some charges paid to them. It would be a very easy scam for someone working there or hacking into their system to make a lot of money by repeating these types of transactions and not get caught. I am confident the second online service will get the last of my money back---BUT I am concerned for myself & other innocent people who are being taken advantage of. I am especially angered that Wingate by Wyndham has not shown they even care! I do not have the time or health to put into this, but it is very disturbing to me and though it is causing me much wasted time and health. I am trying to do the right thing by getting the word out to others to BE WARE in hope of preventing this from happening again to myself or others. No one should have to be put through this stealing of their identity, money and scamming. I have had so many issues and still pending some obstacles related to the theft of my credit card identity.

AGAIN---- WARNING------ AVOID USING any Wingate by Wyndham hotel or charge (at least until they can investigate and change their policies, etc)!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. jazq20a stated that there is a room for improvement of erroneous charges and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "repeated erroneous credit card charges & very poor customer service" of wingate by wyndham hotel booking and associated monetary loss in the amount of $592. Wingate By Wyndham needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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